Friday, 6 January 2012

What versions of Minecraft do our Minecraft Cheats work on?

We get people who write to us a lot asking us if our Minecraft Cheats will work on their version of Minecraft.

The answer to this is yes! Our Minecraft Cheats are updated very regularly, this means they will always work on the latest build / version of Minecraft. They also have a pretty neat feature where they will also work on older versions of Minecraft.

A problem many people face with using Minecraft Cheats

A problem that nearly every person who uses or tries to use Minecraft Cheats is the lack of cheats available to the general public. Those that are free and available to use are almost always patched and do not work on the latest version of Minecraft. This is why we believe that it is very important that we update our minecraft cheats every month, even if they are not patched or detected.

By updating our minecraft cheats every month, this allows us to add new features every month too! We are always finding new and exciting ways to hack minecraft. Here are a list of things that we put in our latest update (Jan 2012)

  • Minecraft Fly Hack
  • Minecraft Speed Hack
  • Minecraft Zoom Hack

Welcome to our blog!

Welcome to our blog which is entirely dedicated to providing you with news, updates and downloads to Minecraft Cheats.

We will regularly post updates to the Minecraft Cheats that we develop. You can find our Minecraft Cheats and hacks on our website: